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Mr Bryan Mayou Talks Brazilian Butt Lift in the Media

Mr Mayou Talks Brazilian Butt Lift in the Media

Friday, August 31, 2018

In response to the recent fatality of a 29-year-old mother of three who died when having a Brazilian Butt Lift procedure performed in a Turkish clinic, Mr Bryan Mayou, Founder of the Cadogan Clinic, has been interviewed extensively on the safety of the procedure.

Mr Mayou spoke with The Guardian, Radio Essex and Jeremy Vine on BBC Radio 2 about the dangers of not seeking the right surgeon for the procedure. He advises thoroughly researching surgeons, clinics and the procedure in advance and emphasises the importance of aftercare.

“It is all a question of going to the right person. There are some excellent plastic surgeons in Turkey, but you need to be careful,” he says.

Mr Mayou also referenced that the NHS was seeing a rising number of corrective surgery cases where people have had complications following surgery abroad, “It is becoming more of a problem ... I cannot tell you any figures, but it is notable, I think people do go abroad more and more, and so there are more complications,” he comments.

Earlier this year, Mr Mayou published an article on understanding the Brazilian Butt Lift (https://bit.ly/2LHPsl4). The procedure has reported as many as 1 in 3000 deaths in the hands of the wrong surgeons.  He states that these fatal cases have shown to have fat within the muscle and no deaths occurred where fat was only placed subcutaneously. These fat grafting fatalities have also most often been carried out by under-qualified surgeons and physicians, who have simply injected fat into the buttocks without understanding the anatomy.

 “The people who died had a postmortem and they all died from the same thing, a fat embolism – so the assumption is fat was injected in the wrong place and injected into a vein,” Mr Mayou told the Guardian.

The Cadogan Clinic maintain the very highest standards of clinical excellence, patient safety and results and the team strongly urge any individual wishing to undergo cosmetic surgery, whether in the UK or abroad, to thoroughly research every element of their procedure.

For a checklist for surgery in the UK or abroad please see: Medical Tourism Checklist


 To read the full article in the Guardian: https://bit.ly/2PkvTRT

To listen to the Jeremy Vine Show: https://bbc.in/2N3c9Vp