Botox in your 20s? - Nurse Libbie Wallace

Botox in your 20s?

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Cosmopolitan journalist unveils 9 things she learnt from having botox in her 20s

Nurse Libbie Wallace was featured on Cosmopolitan in an article exploring having botox at a younger age. The 28year old lady had concerns about lines on her forehead and was treated by Libbie to address the area and to achieve a fresher appearance (something many of our patients say!)

The article shares valuable advice post-treatment, such as not doing strenuous or hot workouts, and it also dispels some of the myths surrounding botox; immediate results (effects start to show from 3 days), staying upright for 2 hours after (20 minutes is ample time)…

At the Cadogan Clinic, we are passionate about achieving a natural look for our patients and practice at the highest level. All of our experts have an in-depth knowledge of facial anatomy and understand how to optimise results with various treatments.

The journalist was very happy with her results, ‘I only wanted to look like me, just refreshed. Test passed!’

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