Bingo Wings 

Bingo wings are folds of loose skin and fat that hang from the undersides of your upper arms. Raise your arms and shake them! This condition causes discomfort among three-quarters of the women in Britain. Naturally, it causes anxiety and low self-esteem. Short sleeves expose the problem and long sleeves do not fit. It is a problem with both heavy and skinny arms.

How does it happen?

The skin loses elasticity and begins to crinkle. This an age-related issue made worse by sun damage. At this early stage consider non-surgical treatment with radiofrequency.

The skin then stretches, and it stretches faster if there is the weight of extra fat hanging from it. Now at this point Liposuction on its own will help by reducing the weight of fat and shrinking the skin by perhaps 10%.

Progression with time and sun reaches a point when only skin excision (Brachioplasty, Arm reduction) will work. For the slim, it will be used on its own. Heavy arms will benefit from extra liposuction as well. The extra skin is in the circumference of the arm, not along its length. Therefore, pulling the skin up to the armpit and there hiding a scar, just does not work. Do not be fooled by doctors offering this method and promising an invisible scar. The scar will need to be along the length of the arm to the elbow. If this is carefully placed along the back of the arm, it is not obvious.

This problem is not confined to women. It is worse for the obese but persists after weight loss.

The procedure can be done under local anaesthesia, but most patients prefer to be asleep. We use Total IntraVenous Anaesthesia (TIVA). You wake up quickly ready to go home and do not feel sick.

We advise you to consult a surgeon at the Cadogan Clinic to find an appropriate procedure for your condition, as there may be several options available to you. 

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