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Breast augmentation (enlargement) is the most popular surgical cosmetic procedure performed in the UK. Quick, safe and effective, the results will help you regain body confidence, restoring happiness with your shape.

The following photos provide examples of our existing breast augmentation patients, their concerns and end results. If you would like to see examples of a particular breast surgery procedure, consultant, or scenario, please just contact our Patient Advisor team.

Breast Augmentation Patient: 24 year old female

A 24 year old with slight breast and chest wall asymmetry (the right breast higher and pointing more laterally) underwent abreast augmentation with 255cc medium profile, anatomical shaped and polyurethane coated implants.

Breast Augmentation Patient: 32 year old female

A 32 year old mother with chest wall asymmetry and resultant projection of breast in defferent angles. Underwent a breast augmentation using 255cc anatomical shaped medium profile polyurethane coated implants.

Breast Augmentation Patient: 20 year old female

20 year old underwent breast augmentation with 320cc low profile conical implants.

Breast Augmentation Patient: 40 year old female

40 Year old mother of three, who underwent a breast augmentation with 315cc medium profile natural (tear drop shaped) implants.

Breast Augmentation Patient: 24 year old female

24 year old with breast asymmetry of slight volume loss and position of breast bone on chest wall (seen in top left pre op image). Picture taken at 2 years, following breast augmentation with 270cc low profile anatomical shaped polyurethane implants.

Breast Augmentation Patient: 38 year old female

38 year old with patient who underwent a breast augmentation with l295cc low profile conical implants. Pre op mild case of inverted nipple on the left, which has been corrected just with the conical implant shape.

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