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The Cadogan Clinic is currently offering a reduced service in light of the government's January lockdown guidelines.

All of our services will be delivered in line with the UK government's social distancing measures and fully compliant with all PPE guidance from Public Health England and NHS England.

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Back & Bra Fat

Fat tends to accumulate in folds across the back causing deep furrows in the mid back and bulging above and below the bra. We see it with early middle age as the skin becomes laxer and at an earlier age with weight gain. It extends into the armpit (axilla) at the back and around into the upper breast. This all causes anxiety and embarrassment with the wearing of strapless dresses.

Weight loss is a partial answer and is possible for some, but for those with a hereditary predisposition to storing fat in the back, it only helps.  The skin laxity will remain a problem.

Non-surgical fat removal with SculpSure, perhaps combined with skin tightening radiofrequency treatment will improve the problem.

We have however found that liposuction is surprisingly effective. This needs to be delivered in a determined manner to reduce or remove the deep furrows.

We have 4 different techniques to choose from and Body-jet water assisted or mechanical Microaire liposuction works best. We often combine this with body contouring of loins and buttocks to recreate the sinuous line of a youthful dancer. Pert buttocks can be recreated by grafting fat back into the upper buttocks. We are very much aware that this fat must be placed subcutaneously between the the skin and the muscle and not into the muscle itself.

There is a group of obese patients after severe weight loss where the problem is greatly exaggerated leaving not just folds, but festoons. Liposuction still has a place. Surgical excision becomes the main solution. These excisions are made directly to include folds and these are often across the back but may be vertically down the back or flank. There will be scars, but for many, it is worth it. They fade eventually and faster with the Cadogan scar management.

We recommend booking a consultation with one of the dermatologists at the Cadogan Clinic to determine the option that best suits your needs.

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Of course, we use the very latest technology. But our real skill is in knowing how and when to use it to suit each individual patient.


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