Are ICON treatments painful?

As well as the patient’s own pain threshold, the discomfort level of an ICON session depends on the level of treatment being administered.  Topical anaesthetic can be applied 10-30 minutes prior to the treatment taking place, but during treatment the built-in cooling system is highly effective at providing additional comfort.  Both practitioner and patient must wear protective eyewear.

Your practitioner will place handheld device with a smooth glass surface that pulses laser or light energy onto your skin. Each pulse causes a snapping or burning sensation that can be compared to the snapping of a rubber band or quick match burn. After each snap, the doctor will pick the laser up to place onto the area of skin adjacent to the area that was just zapped, being careful to not overlap zapped sections. When your treatment is finished a cold compress can be applied to ease any discomfort, followed by an application of moisturiser and sunscreen.

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