Are Dermal Fillers Safe? Are There Risks or Side Effects?

Dermal Filler treatments are generally a very safe procedure when performed by an accredited and experienced specialist. Risks and potential side effects will vary for different types of fillers and certain types will require a pre-treatment allergy test which your consultant will go through with you prior to any treatment.

Allergic reactions are very rare and normally restricted to the part of the body being treated.

Some temporary side effects are expected to disappear within 2-3 days after receiving the treatment. Complications, although uncommon will be discussed in detail at your consultation to minimise the chance of them occurring. If you find that you have an uneven result, your practitioner will see you for a treatment review and this can be rectified. If you suffer from cold sores, dermal fillers to lips may not be a good treatment for you.

At Cadogan Cosmetics we only allow highly skilled and knowledgeable consultants, nurses to deliver the very best quality FDA-approved injectable treatments, using products produced by reputable and trusted manufacturers.

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