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Angelica Kavouni appears on This Morning

Angelica Kavouni appears on This Morning

Ahead of the latest series of Botched Bodies, Plastic Surgeon Angelica Kavouni appeared on This Morning to discuss three cases of cosmetic surgery that went wrong.

Claire Hawker, 30, Stacey Hohn, 41, and Laura Green, 34, all dreamed of buying themselves a better body, and each turned to cosmetic surgery in order to improve their appearance. However their dreams turned into nightmares when each of them became the victim of a botched surgical procedure.

The Risks of Plastic Surgery Abroad

Claire Hawker, 30, decided to go abroad to Prague to save some money over having surgery in the UK. She was left in considerable pain with no pain relief offered and flew back to the UK the next day – following a few days of recovery she was left with weeping breast and horrific scars, she was re-operated on at an NHS specialist unit and took over 12 months to recover.

Laura Green, 34, went abroad to Belgium to have surgery on her bingo wings. She experienced significant discomfort during the procedure and could not notice any difference following the procedure. In addition for some time afterwards she suffered from nerve related problems and stretching of the scars. Her surgeon refused to correct the procedure.

The Risks of Permanent Filler

After seven successful treatments with temporary filler Stacey Hohn, 41, opted to switch to permanent filler on the advice of her Doctor. After about seven months with no problems her lips started to swell significantly and lumps developed in her lips. As part of the Show Botched Bodies this was corrected during a 5 hour procedure.

Angelica Kavouni commented, “cost should not be the first and foremost decisive factor, it is very important to make sure where you go is a very good facility, you have to know the Surgeon and research as much as possible. Unfortunately, there has been a huge increase in patients going abroad, I see patients all the time they have big procedures abroad, they then have to go the NHS or spend more money again. I recommend you see a surgeon in the UK where there are many very good surgeons who are properly regulated – stay in the UK”.