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ALLÉL: The World’s First DNA Matched Skincare

ALLÉL: The World’s First DNA Matched Skincare Plan

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Cadogan Clinic celebrates the global launch of ALLÉL

We were delighted to celebrate the global launch of ALLÉL, the world’s first DNA matched skincare and nutrition subscription with our patients, friends and ALLÉL founders at No.11 Cadogan Gardens. The exclusive event comprised a champagne reception, followed by a presentation and complementary DNA testing for all attendees.

At the Cadogan Clinic, we pride ourselves in being at the forefront of new evidence-based treatments, procedures and products. ALLÉL is the latest innovative product to be launched at the Cadogan Clinic, a skincare system which fuses the science of the DNA lab with the knowledge and expertise of scientists, dermatologist and surgeons.

Developed in Sweden and made in Switzerland, ALLÉL delivers DNA matched skincare and nutritional supplements for individuals wishing to unlock anti-ageing science hidden within their genetic code.

The DNA analysis marks out the strengths of the individual’s make up as well as the key drivers of ageing.  Each innovative ALLÉL product only contains clinically proven ingredients and formulations with a solid scientific foundation that match each category of DNA analysis.

For more information on the ALLÉL system or to book a consultation, contact us.