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11 ways to get rid of blackheads - Dr Anjali Mahto

11 ways to get rid of blackheads

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Dr Anjali Mahto, our Consultant Dermatologist has been featured on Cosmopolitan sharing her top tips on getting rid of those dreaded blackheads!

Dr Mahto explains what blackheads are, why we get them, how to get rid of them and why they return after we have finally removed them.

The feature reviews a host of tools for tackling the problem from mechanical and chemical exfoliators through to masks, skincare, facials, chemical peels, retinoids and medication.

Blackheads are formed when pores become blocked with debris, oil or dead skin cells.  “The reason they look black is because all the oils in them become oxidised. It’s not the dirt that is black, it is just oxidised oil.” Dr. Anjali Mahto explains in the feature.

Dr Mahto has a special interest in treating acne and is renowned for the exceptional results she achieves in her patients presenting with acne-prone skin. 

To book a consultation with Dr Mahto, please call 080825 06832.

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