The Venaseal Varicose Veins Treatment Now Available at the Cadogan Clinic

17th September, 2012
The Cadogan Clinic, a leading private aesthetic surgery clinic, today announced that it is now offering the advanced Venaseal varicose veins treatment. London-based patients and others able to travel into the capital will now be able to take advantage of this innovative and less invasive solution to the problem of varicose veins. The Venaseal system, developed by the medical device company Sapheon, is an innovative method for varicose veins treatment now available only at the Cadogan Clinic. With the Venaseal procedure, the main vein in the leg which causes varicose veins is closed by means of special medical glue or “superglue”. The Sapheon Venaseal System was approved in September 2011 and its distribution within the European Union began in the fourth quarter of the year, with the Cadogan Clinic currently being the only private facility in London to offer this innovative treatment method. “The Cadogan Clinic is very proud to be the first private clinic in the UK to perform the Venaseal technique”, notes Cadogan Clinic’s consultant Mr Ian Franklin, a leading specialist in vascular and endovascular surgery, and one of the most experienced Sapheon users in the UK. Among the advantages of this varicose veins treatment London patients are now able to benefit from are reduced post-procedure pain and less bruising, since only one needle hole is needed per vein treated. “The Venaseal system is a remarkable way of treating problem veins very quickly and with negligible discomfort compared to other methods”, points out Mr Franklin, who is scheduled to lecture on the technique at the Vascular Society of India Conference later in September and in the USA next spring. In addition to the Venaseal varicose veins treatment London patients and others can now opt for, the Cadogan Clinic offers a comprehensive range of vascular treatments for both varicose and thread veins, with many of the procedures being performed in under an hour. At the Cadogan Clinic, clients can find a variety of solutions for their problematic veins, including sclerotherapy and laser treatment, as well as the minimally invasive VNUS closure procedure. Prior to opting for one of the vascular treatments offered at the Cadogan Clinic, prospective patients are invited to arrange a consultation with one of the clinic’s experienced practitioners who will assess their individual case and suggest the treatment which will deliver optimal results. To learn more about the Venaseal varicose veins treatment offered at the Cadogan Clinic, or to book a consultation with Mr Ian Franklin, or visit