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Reclaim your cheeks with the Silhouette Thread Lift – a safe, non-invasive way to turn back the clock. Silhouette Thread Lift is ideal for those affected by:

  • Sagging eyebrows
  • Asymmetric brows
  • Sagging cheeks and jowls
  • Drooping skin on the mid and lower face
  • Wrinkles due to premature skin ageing
  • Early jowls and mid-face drooping

Silhouette Thread Lift is a new facelift technique that can be performed under local anaesthetic in around 45 minutes with approximately five days’ recuperation. This treatment is available for men and women. The precise recovery time depends on the total number of Silhouette Threads used during the treatment. At the Cadogan Clinic, you can experience the most advanced treatment options in London.

Small incisions are made in the temporal region (side of the forehead) and hidden in the hairline through which the threads are then gently passed. These sutures are made from polypropylene – a biocompatible material with the human body that has been used for many years in cardiovascular and ophthalmic surgeries. The Silhouette sutures are the most innovative sutures to date. They are not barbed, which prevents damage to the surrounding tissue and with the help of small cones are reabsorbed and anchor themselves in the deep tissue. As a result, tension is produced, lifting the sagging tissue. Over time, tissue is formed around the cones and the cones dissolve, leaving the skin and new tissue anchored in place.

The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia and takes approximately 45 minutes. The necklift treatment takes around 25 minutes. The recovery time for both necklift surgery and facelift surgery using silhouette threads is shorter than more invasive surgeries. It will usually take between two to five days before you can resume your normal activities.

Whatever your personal requirements, you can rest assured that the Cadogan Clinic will provide the leading UK consultants and techniques at our state-of-the-art, purpose-built, central London facility.

Why Choose Us?

Your choice of the top specialist surgeons in the country.

Beautiful, purpose-built facilities right in the heart of London.

No hidden costs – all prices quoted up front with flexible payment options.

Pioneers of innovative day case treatments for superior results and faster recovery.

Use of only the highest quality materials such as FDA-approved implants.

Expert aftercare in the hands of our wound-care and scar minimization team.


Variable prices can result from the fact that many of our consultants operate with different fee structures. In all cases, prices will be confirmed to you by your consultant before any treatment takes place.

Find out more about our Prices and Finance.

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We use a variant of the general anaesthesia technique called TIVA (Total Intravenous Anaesthesia) that is delivered by our team of top anaesthetists. Intravenous delivery enables our anaesthetist team to monitor anaesthetic depth more closely via specialized computers to maintain an optimal level of anaesthesia. This means you will wake up feeling much better than with traditional alternatives and ready to go home shortly after.

What to Expect

Step 1. Optional Free Consultation

We offer a free no-obligation 30-60 minute consultation with one of our specialist patient advisors to help you decide whether surgery is the right choice for you. The consultation will take the form of a discussion with an expert with over 15 years industry experience in which we begin to understand your objectives and the results you want to achieve.

If you decide to go ahead with treatment, our advisers can give you all the information you require to choose the right procedure and the right surgeon for you. This is also an excellent opportunity to see our facilities and get a feel for the Cadogan experience.

Step 2. Surgical Consultation

The next step is to come in and meet your chosen surgeon at the Clinic. We have assembled some of the best surgeons in the world who will use this time to make a comprehensive medical assessment of you and your condition before proceeding with treatment.

In practice this involves a 30-60 minute consultation in which a detailed assessment of the outcomes you can achieve is made and any questions you may have about the procedure are answered.

Step 3. The Procedure

On the day of your procedure you will be welcomed at the Clinic by your patient advisor and dedicated nursing staff. Following a brief medical check, you will meet with both your surgeon and anesthetist to run through the details of your procedure one final time and answer any last questions you may have.

After the procedure you will recover in the capable hands of your nursing after care team. As we are a day case facility you can expect your recovery to be complete within 2 to 3 hours and able to be discharged from the Clinic the very same day. In some cases patients may wish to stay locally in our exclusive partner hotel the day before or after your procedure.

Step 4. After Care & Support

Our care and support continues in the days and weeks after your procedure with our complimentary aftercare programme. A series of free appointments will be made with your surgeon and nursing team in order to monitor your progress and recovery, as well as introduce you to several scar minimization techniques and bespoke creams to aid your progress.

Access to our aftercare nursing team is free of charge for a full 12 months after your surgery.


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