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Scars are unique to the individual and circumstance in which they are formed – they are technically the body’s natural way of healing from an injury. Scar revision procedures are able to deliver excellent results where scarring is especially noticeable and prominent.

Scars can be particularly prominent all over the body (although more so on the face), if they are as a result of trauma or a severe skin condition such as acne. Moreover, some people produce better scars than others, for example ‘poor scars’ such as hypertrophic or keloid scars stay visible and cause skin irritation for a number of months. When these ‘visible’ scars fade they tend to whiten and remain equally visible – unlike a ‘good scar’. We offer both surgical and superficial therapies (e.g. radiotherapy, silicone and injectables) to combat bad scars. All scar cases are unique, and as such we advise you to arrange a consultation to discuss your case in detail.

Whatever your personal requirements, Scar Revision Surgery at the Cadogan Clinic can provide the leading experts and techniques for your treatment.

Scar Revision Surgery

Why Choose Us?

Your choice of the top specialist surgeons in the country.

Beautiful, purpose-built facilities right in the heart of London.

No hidden costs – all prices quoted up front with flexible payment options.

Pioneers of innovative day case treatments for superior results and faster recovery.

Use of only the highest quality materials such as FDA-approved implants.

Expert aftercare in the hands of our wound-care and scar minimization team.

What Our Patients Say

  • "I just wanted to write you a small personal note to thank you so much for both your kindness and care and for recommending Dr Olivier to me - I came in a few weeks ago with the dreadful scar above my eye and Dr Olivier was just amazing.

    I am back in dubai (plastic surgery capital of the Middle East!) but I won't trust anyone else except you and the fabulous Dr Olivier!

    I would really appreciate if you would convey to him my heartfelt thanks for his wonderful care." Mary


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