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Friday, January 23, 2015

“Rise In The Popularity Of Labiaplasty” – Mr Nick Morris – Cadogan Cosmetics

Earlier this week ITV’s ‘This Morning’ programme featured a ‘vagacial’ treatment to rejuvenate the vagina bringing to light the fact that these days it is more mainstream to talk about such treatments. In the same week, the Independent posted an article both discussing their popularity but also questioning whether cosmetic vaginal surgeries or ‘designer vaginas’ are an extreme trend.

Labiaplasty, offered at Cadogan Cosmetics is a procedure becoming increasingly popular in the UK and involves reshaping, refashioning and tightening the inner and outer folds of the vulva on the outside of the vagina. We also offer vaginoplasty and vaginal rejuvenation for tightening after childbirth or ageing.

Our cosmetic gynaecologist at Cadogan Cosmetics, Mr. Nick Morris, regularly performs these procedures and comments on the article below:

This is an interesting and well balanced article. I was one of the doctors responsible for the Female Genital Mutilation act of 2003. I established the first FGM clinic in the UK for women who have undergone FGM in Africa. At the same time, I also became aware of the concerns many Western women had about their genitalia. In my NHS gynaecology clinic I brought in a psychologist to work with these patients, both African and Western.

Over the last 10 years I have witnessed a rise in women wanting genital surgery whether it be labiaplasty or an improvement in vaginal tone. I would go further than the plastic surgeon and advise any women seeking this type of surgery to ensure that they only seek the advice of a Consultant Gynaecologist for ‘vaginoplasty’ so that they have an expert opinion on vaginal function. I also feel that it is vital that women who want labiaplasty are appropriately counselled and indeed referred to a psychologist or a psychiatrist to ensure that they are not at risk of self harm.

But the question is labiaplasty FGM or mutiliatory. There is a broad divide for some patients a labiaplasty is life changing and brings confidence back, to others in particular those who have bad outcomes it can be devastating, and the surgeons need to advise their patients not only about the surgical risks of the procedure but also about potential psychological issues. This is why it is important to consider psychological support.

FGM is an appalling barbaric procedure. Labiaplasty is not and in the right hands can change a patient’s life and quality.

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