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At the Cadogan Clinic we provide a full range of the very latest non-surgical laser treatments for the enhancement of the appearance of your skin. Our leading clinical practitioners have sourced the very best, cutting-edge laser technology to work alongside our Aesthetic practice to deliver the best possible results for you and your skin.

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Laser Treatments

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Your choice of the top specialist surgeons in the country.

Beautiful, purpose-built facilities right in the heart of London.

No hidden costs – all prices quoted up front with flexible payment options.


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What Our Patients Say

  • "The Laser360 treatment was fantastic. It's been about a month since I had my treatment done and my skin looks a lot younger and tighter, and my crow's feet and open pores improved immediately, even though I'm my own harshest critic. When my sister asked if I had purchased new makeup, I just said, 'Yeah, I did.'" Carrie, 34,

    Carrie, 34, Laser 360 patient

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