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At the Cadogan Clinic we provide treatment for a wide range of Gynaecology and womens health problems. We provide support and therapies for women complaining of menstrual dysfunction and climacteric related conditions, including direct menopausal symptoms and issues encountered using hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Our consultants also specialise in urogenital atrophic, urinary and pelvic floor problems.

We place a huge premium on the value of an open, trusting and direct relationship between physician and patient at the Cadogan Clinic, and in no case more so in areas of a personal nature such as Gynaecology. Thats why we only seek to employ the very best leading experts in the field at the Cadogan Gynaecology Clinic. Each and every one of our practitioners has been thoroughly evaluated and selected by our Medical Advisory Committee, ensuring that you are receiving not only top quality care, but also the individual attention that you deserve.

Gynaecology (Health) Treatments

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