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Breast Treatments at the Cadogan Clinic offers a full range of breast surgery procedures for both men and women, including breast augmentation, reduction, lift, nipple correction and implant replacement. With an excellent reputation in this field – and with every procedure performed by one of the country’s leading breast specialists – you can rest assured you will receive first-class care. Our highly qualified, experienced surgeons offer the very latest procedural techniques, to ensure you achieve your desired results with minimal disruption to your day-to-day life.

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Breast Treatments

Why Choose Us?

Your choice of the top specialist surgeons in the country.

Beautiful, purpose-built facilities right in the heart of London.

No hidden costs – all prices quoted up front with flexible payment options.

Pioneers of innovative day case treatments for superior results and faster recovery.

Use of only the highest quality materials such as FDA-approved implants.

Expert aftercare in the hands of our wound-care and scar minimization team.

What Our Patients Say

  • "I was very impressed with Mr Georgeu. Consultations were thorough and liked that there was no hard sell (I waited a year from first to second consultation)." SA Herts.

  • "Everything went well, nurses, surgeon and other staff were really caring and making me feel very comfortable and I couldn’t believe how easy and pleasant it had been, would recommend to anyone to go through this with Mr Georgeu – life changing operation that was the smoothest possible – thank you.” C.P

  • “I would like to say that Mr. Georgeu is a very good surgeon I am extremely happy with my BBA considering I had no breast tissue to start with, he did an excellent job. Not only that, he was very understanding to my needs and wants, took everything I said into consideration, making me fell 100% comfortable. P.s all the staff that looked after me that day were very nice and caring, from reception to Mr Garrick. I thank you all for changing my life and giving me confidence.” N.S

  • “Mr Georgeu was fabulous! Would recommend to anyone considering surgery – especially revision BBA” S.O

  • “The service I received was excellent. The nurses were so lovely and took great care to ensure I was in no pain. In fact the care was so brilliant that there are no obvious improvements I can think of! I travelled all the way from Manchester for the treatment after reading the excellent reviews on the internet about Mr Georgeu, and I am so pleased with the results. It has done so much for my confidence - I can’t thank you enough!” Miss L.R 27

    Miss L.R 27
  • “I am absolutely delighted with my new assets. Mr Mallucci did my breast augmentation last week and I cant believe how happy I am with the results already. It was such a quick an easy procedure that I was recovering in the comfort of my own bed at home only a few hours afterwards. You won't believe me but I’m emailing from the South of France - just back from the beach!" Miss L.C. 30

    Miss L.C. 30
  • “I could not recommend Cadogan Cosmetics and my surgeon, Mr Garrick Georgeu, enough. The pre and post surgery care has been super and the results of my breast augmentation have exceeded all my hopes. Mr Garrick has done everything I asked for and is an incredibly talented surgeon.” Miss J.K, 26

    Miss J.K, 26
  • “I am absolutely delighted with my new assets. I can't believe how happy I am with the results already after just a week - in fact, it was such a quick and easy procedure that I was recovering in the comfort of my own bed at home only a few hours afterwards." L.C. 34, London

    LC BA
  • "I would definitely recommend having a BA with Cadogan Cosmetics. My surgeon was highly professional and explained everything in great detail. On the day I was met by the fantastic theatre staff who put me immediately at ease - everyone was so friendly and professional. I wouldn't change anything about my experience"

    BA CC
  • "I cannot recommend Cadogan Cosmetics enough! The pre- and post-surgery care has been superb and the results from my breast augmentation have exceeded all my hopes. My surgeon has done everything I asked for and is incredibly talented." L.R, 38

    BA pre/post
  • "I had my BA done by a brilliant surgeon at Cadogan Cosmetics who really listens to his patients requirements. The results are incredibly natural both to the eye and touch - I wouldn’t change them for the world. I also genuinely couldn’t praise this doctor more highly - he is the best in the market for type of procedure."

    BA Surgeon
  • "I am very glad I had my BA done by Cadogan Cosmetics. Everything went smoothly and the nurses were very kind and friendly. I recommend this Clinic to everyone." Miss J.K

    JK BA

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